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Often times the ability to see your file "online" will help you to recognize the limitations in some browsers and mobile devices. This form will allow you to quickly upload a file to this web site for fast viewing on a variety of internet-connected devices. Once your file is uploaded to this page you can access it easilly, and alter it dynamically, with the use of browser-based development tools.

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Please make sure to name your file with the assignment and your name so that it may be graded accordingly. If it doesn't have your name, or the assignment, I will not be able to track it as needed.

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Project 6

Here is a link to the Project 6 example allowing you to test a css file right from the site on the given HTML. Remember, this will only work if you have correctly named the css attributes to match the html elements on the page. specific classes and/or IDs that you add to the css file will not work since there are no classes or IDs on the page.

Project 7

Here is a link to the Project 7 Zodiac project.