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Mr. Fillion's Class.

Mr. Fillion's Class.

Respect is like a grade...

It is always earned, never given. My expectations and guidelines are mapped out for you here. I have set these in place so there is no confusion as to what I expect from you, the student. If the procedures, rules, or expectations are not adhered to there will be consequences, which are also outlined here. These are simple steps and expected behaviors for high school students within this classroom. If you have questions about these please discuss them with me right away.

My classroom philosophy is simple:

Successful teaching is accomplished by creating a dynamic, collaborative, and respectful learning environment to foster divergent thinking for the needs of present, and future, members of industry and society.

Updated: 1/17/15

Guidelines adjusted and updated for 2015-2016. A digital version of these rules and guidelines are available HERE

Class Guidelines:

  • - No food or drink allowed.
  • - No gaming allowed.
  • - No electronic devices allowed unless instructed to use as participation.
  • - Failure to abide by electronic device guidelines results in confiscation.
  • - Come to class prepared: Paper, homework, pencils, books and creativity.
  • - Before and after the class, your time is yours... During class, the class is ours.
  • - Don't hover at the door. You can get up to leave when dismissed.
  • - When you leave the room, log off of computers & push in your chairs.
  • - Don't be late to class. 3x Tardy = Absent.
  • - If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain any missed classwork.
  • - Most assignments will be available on the class web site
  • - Collaboration is allowed. Cheating is not.
  • - If you are confused about my directions or have questions, ask.
  • - Knowledge and understanding are graded separately from behavior.
  • - Take responsibility for your own actions.
  • - Offensive, derogatory, and profane language or actions or peer put downs will not be tolerated - even if it is a "quote" or a "lyric".

If discipline is needed, here are the levels:
 1. Verbal warning
 2. Call home
 3. Detention
 4. Referral to office

* Serious offenses can, at the teacher's discretion, result in more severe consequences regardless of previous steps taken.

Life Lessons taught in this class:

  • Cheating is cheating. However, collaboration is healthier and looks much different.

  • The volume and tone of one's voice does not strengthen a relatively weak argument.

  • Respect is given at the level and frequency with which it is received.

  • Debates and opinions are healthy when one holds their position with evidence to support it.

  • All unasked questions become lost learning opportunities for both the speaker, and the audience.

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