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Welcome back. - Summer, 2011

This is my "EDU Resource" page. I have set up this site as a way for me to digitally share information with you that pertains to your classwork, and course of study. On here you will find information on topics covered in class, all of your assignments, additional information about other "notable" design thoughts, and possibly other newsworthy topics.

For the Spring semester of 2011 I went to a "PAPERLESS" classroom...And it went pretty well. All of the student's assignments were located on this web site, and they submitted the finished assignments to me via email or thumb drive. This term will be the same. I will not accept printouts of many of my assignments for two reasons:
1. It is a waste of paper.
2. They often times get "lost" on their way to me, or back to you.

Additionally, if a written or typed paper gets lost, or files corrupted over time, there is no backup. An e-mail can serve as proof (and they are time-stamped too!) that you completed the assignment and sent it to me. You can finish your assignment(s) and either e-mail them to me (if it is under 2MB) or hand them in on a flash drive (I will always have a drive available for assignments... you will not need to buy one.)

If an assignment cannot be assigned "paperless" or turned in "paperless" I will of course accept or provide the required printouts. However, I would like to limit the amount of "printed" assignments I hand out to you though so it will be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to visit this site and retrieve the pdf files.

ACTIVE assignments will have a link that looks like this link.
This means you can access the .pdf for it.

INACTIVE assignments will have a link that looks like this link.
This means you can not access the .pdf for it.

Contact Info/Feedback

Send it to me here and I will get back to you as soon as possible!!!
If you are a student of mine, please provide me with your class number and the assignment you have a question about. Thank you.

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