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History of Video Games

History of Video games

Interactive Gallery

On this page you will find Time Magazine's interactive time line of the History of Video Games. You can also view three other variations on the time line from PBS, The Museum of Play, and Gamespot. The Gamespot version is an HTML timeline that you can view through this link. Due to the nature of the internet, I have pulled the TIme magazine one from their site and hosted it here for archival purposes. Unfortunately, the other two are just links to the hosted pages. You will need flash installed (sorry) in order to view them.

The contents of the interactive portion is only viewable on desktop devices. You will not see them on tablets or mobile devices as I have tagged them to be "hidden". Sorry for the troubles. If you would like to view the Gamespot HTML version of the history, you can see it through this link.

Courtesy of Time Magazine:

Link to The Museum of Play.
Link to PBS.
Link to Gamespot.

Lab Project...

Download Digital version

Using the interactive timeline to the left, and one of the links below it, research and take notes on two points of interest and write a brief summary about each point.

When instructed, pair up with another individual and share with one another each of your summaries. Compare all of the summary points with one another and discuss how they may (or may not) be inter-connected.

Pair up with a different group of 2 and discuss your findings together. As a small group, discuss what was the most impactful of these topics for the growth of the gaming industry as we know it. © 2010-2017 Phlume Artist Management LLC. All rights Reserved.
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