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Devote. Define. Design.

Develop and refine graphics that can help establish a brand.

Download/access your 2016 Syllabus here.

May 1st Update...

Class work for this week
After you have finished with your brochure, and uploaded the completed .pdf file using this form, I would like you to go through and view these different tutorials at your own pace. Try and complete some of the example assignments on these tutorial page to stay busy. There is enough here to keep you focused and busy for at least this week:
Photoshop Tutorials InDesign Tutorials Photoshop Tutorials

Where do "graphics" exist?

Graphics exist in many different facets of our world. From logo designs and web images, to printed magazines, posters and advertisements. We even see "graphics" as special effects in movies and video games. However, for this class, Graphics will be strictly confined to those we create in Photoshop or Indesign.

Our first task is to get familiar with photoshop while we learn the fundamentals of design and the design process. After we wrap up with Photoshop, we will continue on into InDesign and focus on the print production side of graphics and the comparison from RBG to CMYK in color images.

Course Work

The topics we will cover in this class relate to the graphics and design industry. You will learn to work within Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign doing a variety of different design projects. If time permits, we may do a unit on screen printing allowing you to print an "analog" version of a digital print you create. We will discuss layout and design principals, prining terms, and a variety of "do's and don't's" for design principals.


Assignments will be placed onto this page with a short description, as well as with a digital link to the files. There are due daes for all assignments and you are expected to meet the requirements of that due date for a grade. If you meet the "deadline" and you don't like your grade, you can rework it and resubmit it at any time until May. As the graphics industry is based on the revision of submissions over time, I will allow you the opportunity to also revise your assignments for better grades, however, ALL assignments will close on or around May 31st, 2017 so that we have time to review for the final exam.


Assignment 1 - Image Adjustments

Due on 1/27/17 at the End of Class.

Color correct the images so they are more vibrant by using the Brightness/Contrast tool or the Shadow/Highlights tool.

Assignment 2 - Clone Image

Due on 2/8/17 at the End of Class.

Use at least 2 images from Pixabay and clone elements from one image into another.

Assignment 4 - Design a Poster

Due on 2/15/17, End of Class

Use at least 2 images from Pixabay and design a poster to emulate the one done HERE for a Landscaping day this spring. Be certain to use all of the text provided in the pdf.

Assignment 5 - Composition Project

Due 2/22/17, End of Class

You will use the week of to work on and complete Assignment 5. This assignment is scored and graded in three parts and you will be asked to follow a series of instructions (like a tutorial). You can work with each other for guidance on where the tools and menu items are, but you will all be required to pass in your own file.


For additional assistance in InDesign, please refer to the Adobe Tutorial page.

new iconAssignment 6a - Business Card, part 1

Due on Wed, 3/8/17, Beginning of Class

Use InDesign to create a business card for a fictional company. Use your name, but create information on your own for the remaining contact information. This assignment is only part 1, during part two we will add a logo and create an additional document for advertising your company.

new iconAssignment 6b - Business Card, part 2

Due on Tue, 3/21/17, Beginning of Class

sketch examplesUse paper and pencil, markers, and Illustrator to create a logo for your fictional company. This assignment is part 2 of the brand identity project. Once your logo is designed and digitized, import it into your business card file in InDesign to complete the card. Use this image to the left as an example of variuos sketches of a single

Assignment 7 - Tri-Fold Brochure

Due First week of May

Using the business card from the previous assignment(s) as a guide for the business, design style and idea, create a 3-panel brochure to advertise your company. Start with a google document with various information about the company such as it's services, products, history, location, or possible reviews/recommendations. Use the same creative style as your business card so there is continuity in your company image/theme/brand. WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED EDITING AND REVISING FOR A SECOND TIME, you may follow this link to pass the file in

Design Principals

Homework - Gestalt Principals (Assignment 3)

Due on 2/02/17 at the End of Class.

Using this page as a guide, write a quick summary in your own words what the "Gestalt Principals" are. With a second (or possibly third) paragraph select a single Gestalt principle and explain it using at least 2 example images from the web.

Updated: 1/22/17

Assignment 1 Uploaded
Assignment 2 Uploaded
Gestalt Summary (assignment 3)
Assignment 4 Uploaded
Assignment 5 Uploaded
Assignment 6 Uploaded
Assignment 7 Uploaded

Guidelines adjusted and updated for 2016-20167. A digital version of these rules and guidelines are available HERE

Extra Points CHALLENGES!

Pure extra credit points will be awarded on a graded scale of 1 to 5 for perfection. As it is extra credit you will be held to a higher standard than a normal assignment.

Photo Retouch

Using the image located HERE, clean up the folds, tears, scratches and rips to produce a clean, fully retouched photo.You do not have to colorize the image. The goal here is to make it "whole" again and clean up the creases and rips and missing portions.

Photo Colorize

Using the image located HERE, colorize the black and white photo so it is a realistic image of a natural wood barn in a yellowish/greenish field of grass/weeds with a clear blue sky in the background. © 2010-2017 Phlume Artist Management LLC. All rights Reserved.
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