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The Gamified classroom

The Gamified classroom

What is Gamification?

Dunkin PerksGamification is the concept of adding game play ideas and concepts to a traditionally non-game setting. Businesses do it all the time as part of their guest loyalty programs...Ever go to Dunkin' Donuts and cash in a free coffee or bagel sandwich coupon from your "perks" card? Ever get cool swag from GameStop with your "PowerUp" reward points you earned from previous purchases? Ever receive a badge for completing a task on a web site like leaving a review on 10 different products? Well all of that is gamification. Earning points and rewards as incentive to buy a company's product as a loyal patron, or use a web site consistently as a frequent visitor.

Game StopSome of the classes that I teach here at LHS may have a gamification component attached to them. I am still rolling out new rules and structure as I build and develop the system, but your class may be asked to participate in the program as part of my research. BEFORE I can begin the gaming though, I will need your input on rewards and prizes. I have set up a survey for all of my students to take to provide me with a baseline understanding of their ideas and thoughts on earning points, rewards, and badges for doing school work. To take the survey, please go to this survey page. After I review the data I can build a reward system that is most in line with the wishes and hopes of you, the student. Rewards, incentives an perks may change over time so be honest with what you think would be cool, and who knows... you may just get it!

Create your profile

Before you can participate in the game, however, you need to set up a profile. This profile will be your avatar within my gamified system. You can select a profile color and icon as well as your own profile name for use in the game. Then, when we begin the game process, you will be able to earn points and badges within the system. You can then use the points that you earn to buy physical rewards, in-class privileges, as well as grade/assignment perks. Using the form below, please complete your user profile for the reward system for this class. You must use your Littleton High School email in order to log into this system.

The "form password" that is asked for above is a simple step to avoid misuse of this form. This is a password that will be given to you, not your "new user" password that you will be asked for below.

Mr. Fillion as a student...

As outlined on the About Page, I am currently writing my thesis for a Masters of Fine Arts in Interface Design and Game Development. The thesis is based in "Gamification" and the study of the effectiveness of it's use in an educational setting. During the early phases of the research, I was more focused on 1st grade education, however, the research was difficult as I was not a grade school teacher and didn't have enough students to work through my theories with.

Now that I am a full time teacher here at LHS/DBMS, the focus has shifted to middle and high school level students. If you want to read about the work, you can read about my research on this thesis website. On that page you can also use some of the initial grade school game prototypes I developed as part of the research.

Profile Avatar

You can pick a color and an image for your profile to identify you on the leader board. Your final profile icon will look similar to these:
cards logocards logocards logo

You can add any of these images to your profile:

- "Air"
- "Dog"
- "Coral"
- "Cat"
- "Crab"
- "Beach Ball"
- "Cards"
- "Golf"
- "Duck"
- "Octopus"
- "Sax"
- "Cactus"
- "Starfish"
- "Turtle"
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