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Free Write / News Submit

Free Write / News Submit

Free Write

Using the web form provided here, take ten minutes to write about a topic from the list provided, that takes place in a time frame from the list provided. Please use the entire ten minutes to complete this assignment. If you have already done a free write, please select a new topic, and a new time frame each time you complete this exercise. This is a "homework" assignment that will be due the day it is assigned before the end of class.

REMEMBER...You will not be graded on anything other than:
Completion - Was the assignment turned in when it was supposed to be?
Was it on topic for your selection?
Word Count - Is it over 500 words? Did you merely copy/paste a few sentences repeatedly to "get by"

Creative "Free writing" helps to stimulate the mind. It adheres to no specific format, but is designed to allow you to write for ten minutes on a chosen topic. Peter Elbow, professor of English at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst says that: " Free writing means to write and not stop for anything. Go quickly without rushing. Never stop to look back, to cross something out, to wonder how to spell something, to wonder what word or thought to use, or think about what you are doing" [Ref.]

Please remember, once you have reached a 500 word minimum copy the "word count" text from the button and paste it into the form. This will give the word count to me and it will also make sure you have checked to see that you are over 500 words. If this is not included at the end of the story you will lose points. It is an error checking process to make sure you are over 500 words.

As a note, for a visual reference to what I am looking for as far as "word count"...if you copy and paste all of the text on this page above this line into the form, you will have 250+ words. If you include this line... its more than 300 words.

News Submit - Tech Ed Students

Here is where you will report back on the story you have read from any of the news feeds that I have placed onto the site. Make sure you are reading the full article from one of those threads, and reporting back through this form the current news topic. Please place your own thoughts into two paragraphs; one discussing the topic of the article itself, and a second paragraph discussing the technology used and how it can help our society.

I will be looking for a word count between 100-200 words. It isn't enough to just report on the article. Please remember to provide your opinion on how you feel the technology used will help, assist, or even affect our society. As a note, this section (News Submit) is exactly 150 words. Just so you have a ballpark of how much to write.

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