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Please use this form to digitally submit your assignments to me. The maximum file size this will allow is 5mb so please be certain that your file is smaller than that. If you find that you have a .pdf or .jpg that is too large, do a google search on methods to reduce the file size. If it is too large it will not upload, or it will only partially upload nad become corrupt and unreadable. Eather way, a grade cannot be entered in a file I cannot view.

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Please make sure to name your file with the assignment and your name so that it may be graded accordingly. If it doesn't have your name, or the assignment, I will not be able to track it as needed. Make sure you have named your file with your name and the assignment # so that it appears as "jane-doe-assignment-7.pdf". If more than one person submits something named "assignment-7.pdf" then one of the files will be overwritten and lost. Make sure you name your file correctly so this doesn't happen to you.

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Project 7

Here is a link to the Project 7 rubric for the brochure. If you have followed these guidelines correctly you should be able to complete this assignment with an "A" no problem.