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Broadcast Technology

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Daily announcements. Monthly Series. Partnerships with Channel 2 and North Country Radio.

Download/access your 2015 Syllabus here.

Daily/Weekly Schedule

Each day we will produce and distribute the morning announcements for our school. These announcements will go onto our class YouTube station and will be broadcast through the school on the large screen televisions. The outline for the day's broadcast schedule is available on this sheet. In addition to the morning announcements each day, we will add in a special interest story to liven up the show. It will be a quick 20-40 second spot highlighting one of five daily topics we will serve up in rotation. The schedule for those will be as follows:

  • Monday - Mathematics
  • Tuesday - Movie/Games
  • Wednesday - Environment
  • Thursday - Technology
  • Friday - Science

Monthly Show

The hope is to have a few shows this year, but the schedule really has been about doing the news. As we work through the various days of news broadcasts I hope we can sprinkle some Film Punch submissions and short stories into the mix. It is important that we work to meet the demands of the news show timely so we may have extra time to work on the additional projects.

Here is the schedule for October:

Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri
Daily Show
Daily Show
No School - Staff Development
No School - Columbus Day
Halloween Show - Costumes is a independent film community that was started by a co-worker friend of mine back in 2012. It has become a lot more dormant in recent times, however, hidden within the halls of the site are 6 great prompts for filming. You will work on all 6 of them through this year and get your feet wet with independent short film projects. You will follow their prompts and completion is the priority. Grades are of a pass fail nature... with a wee bit of a rubric to guide you. Here are the links to the six challenges:

  • Challenge 1 -
    Cheeseburger, Flower and C47. Incorporate these three items into whatever you heart desires. For example submissions that were uploaded when the challenge was launched, tune in here.
  • Challenge 2 -
    Creepy Lighting. Add a bit of spook and mood to your masterpiece and see what you can come up with. For example videos that were completed when the challenge was launched, visit this spot.
  • Challenge 3 -
    "That's not mine". Place this dialog anywhere you want within your submission. For example works of art that were uploaded when the challenge was launched, hop into this place.
  • Challenge 4 -
    Make something mundane become EPIC. Lay it on thick and make sure to include some monster sound. For epic banal minutia that was provided originally, Click this link.
  • Challenge 5 -
    The Cliffhanger It's all about the edit on this one. Leave us all wanting more. For opportunities of residual desires from the original launch, Watch this stuff.
  • Challenge 6 -
    Romance Say it with audio... but don't say "I Love You". Work through this one to complete the final challenge of the set. For lovely upoads form the 2012 debut, Dive in here.

Site Updated: 9/15/15

Daily schedule added

Guidelines adjusted and updated for 2015-2016. A digital version of these rules and guidelines are available HERE

Week 1 goals:
  • Establish schedule
  • Discuss Daily/Monthly
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