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Who Is Mr. Fillion?

Who Is Mr. Fillion?

What if...?

Chad with kids on beach

Chad with kids on beachChad with kids on beachThat was the question that brought Mr. Fillion to LHS full time...
"What if we were to offer a few new and exciting electives to the students?"

That was essentially what He said to Mr Smith in the Fall of 2014, the beginning of the journey to bring the new crop of classes to the CTC and LHS.


Having taught digital animation, video production, print production, graphic design, flash animation and a whole host of game design classes along with digital technology classes at multiple colleges and universities across New England, Mr. Fillion was no stranger to the classroom environment. Arriving at LHS in January of 2015, He brought with him over 10 years of teaching experience and over 20 years digital design and web production experience. Starting with a part-time role in Broadcast Technology, discussions soon began with Mr. Smith about other areas of Technology and Technical Education that he could pursue at the college. A dozen new classes were presented to the students and seeds were planted. Soon the idea of Digital technology at Littleton High School was off an running.

Past Gigs

To say Mr. Fillion has had a wide range of experience over his 25 years of work experience is an understatement. He has managed both the "back of the house" and "front of the house" for restaurants for about 5 years. He was a a hardscape installer working as a mason doing flatwork and walls for a landscape company for 6+ years. He has done freelance work as a designer and developer for LL Bean, Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, FairPoint communications and other numerous small business on both sides of the country. While living in Arizona (He moved to Phoenix for his BA in Digital Animation) he traveled across the western US working as a ring crew member for equestrian eventing competitions. Then while still in AZ, he started working with musicians as a manager, an eventually started Phlume Artist Management, LLC, a Music and Band Management Company. He has worked with hundreds of music venues across the east coast and dozens of rock bands. His most prominent client is Superfrog. For his latest gig, the one that brought him an his family to the North Country, he was working as a web developer for Garnet Hill in Franconia.


As a student himself, Mr. Fillion attends the Savannah College of Art and Design and is currently writing his thesis for a Masters of Fine Arts in Interface Design and Game Development. His thesis is based in "Gamification" and the study of the effectiveness of it's use in the education of 1st grade students. If you want to read about the work, you can read about his research on his thesis website.


Mr. Fillion and his wife live in Lancaster with their 4 children; Madison, Keigan, Gracen and Autumn. They share their home with their rescue pets, Rya the lab, and the mad cat brothers Blaze and Dante. © 2010-2017 Phlume Artist Management LLC. All rights Reserved.
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